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Simply a Line (2004 - 2008)
No Man's Land between Bulgaria and Turkey

I didn’t fully understand what I was beginning to do when I planned this project. In time, I came to realize that I was looking for personal answers in the truths about a system I hardly knew. I remember I was only but twelve when the Wall fell. And so it happened I was reconstructing a time which nobody, not even our closest relatives, talked about... not even today. Perhaps I was discovering old truths for others but for me they were sudden revelations. I can now imagine how living in the inescapable conditions of the totalitarian state, no individual could keep his sovereignty and wholeness, no matter how carefully he would have kept his deepest secrets. In such a life, all internal boundaries are broken and the only border left is the national border.
In different political environments and times, borders embody different meanings. Until 1989 Bulgaria was defending the external border in agreement with the Warsaw Pact In 2007, that border marked the new edge of the European Union. Today Bulgaria is pointed in the media to have a shaky membership mainly due to corruption. And I wonder again - is the political jacket fitting this country and are the roots way too rotten to support the weight it’s expected to carry. Will Bulgaria loose its border again?