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I document the fact that everything is gone forever.

I photograph disappearing cultures and the collective nostalgia
of societies, their sense of loss and alienation, and their coping
mechanisms with globalization. My interest is in the blind spots
of societies.

I explore the search for coherence in a fragmented world. I seek
to photograph the aesthetics of people – either displaced, forced
out of their natural habitat or forced to consent with alien social
structures, but before all – I focus on the individual in the context
of a given society. The work that I do requires time and denial because
I deny my right to individuality while studying a group of
people and their milieu. But it breeds stories and a new face for
every story I tell. It seems to me that people are perpetually defining
culture, language and the self. I photograph the moment of
parting from dysfunctional or lived out identities and the silence
in decision making before the cutting and pasting of new characters
and histories.