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Students’ City

Social maturation is a dynamic process in any culture - the moment of introduction to the ever-conflicting relationship between ideal and reality, what one believes the world should be as opposed to what the world is. The youth discover how to handle themselves, responsibility and relationships. In Students’ City this experience is invigorating. The dense concentration of young population with the richness of experience and forceful and creative responses to disillusionment set off slang and fashion trends in the whole city of Sofia and all the way back to the home towns of the students. The majority of those youngsters are away from mom and dad for the first time and their lives have drastically changed. There is no control, no uncomfortable questions, no family diners. What was once family life is now parties, conflicts, time for study, sex, struggle for sustenance and above all, a quest - a search for identity. The place is buzzing with energy and shows how young Bulgarians study, love, work, party and dream in a place where nobody sleeps even after the sun sets. It is like a transformer building, you never know when you’ll strike the electric arc, you now it’s dangerous, but you cannot escape the desire to get as close to this explosive power as possible.